Lucy Moore Art&Craft
Original paintings by Lucy Moore. Tucson Arizona.
All rights reserved. 2016
  1. While She Sleeps
    While She Sleeps
  2. The Lovers
    The Lovers
  3. Siesta
  4. Dragon Of mars
    Dragon Of mars
  5. Sea of Intuition
    Sea of Intuition
  6. Room For Love
    Room For Love
  7. Rainbow River
    Rainbow River
  8. Tree Mans Land
    Tree Mans Land
  9. Old Friends
    Old Friends
  10. Lost in the desert
    Lost in the desert
  11. The Wishing Tree
    The Wishing Tree
  12. Shamans Magick Cave
    Shamans Magick Cave
  13. Portals to other worlds
    Portals to other worlds
  14. Heart of Pele
    Heart of Pele
  15. Conformity with will
    Conformity with will